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ABOUT ME - Life happens!

Quite openly and from heart to heart ... because whatever question you ask, from my experience the answer is always LOVE! Thank you for this part of your precious lifetime and your interest in me by reading this now and giving me meaning in your life! Would you like to know who I am and who is behind the devoted, passionate and humorous woman who has been successful over so many years, who is passionate about life with so much joy? Basically, the structure of this web site, created with great attention to detail and accompanied by a lot of love, answers all your questions. Because I really wrote this HOME page very personally, you are at HOME with me and I can be seen in everything: It is not WHAT you do that counts, but HOW you do it! And yet I will now write briefly to you first, who you see the vita of a person, degrees, awards and professions as the decisive basis of his or her life path. I don't write this first because I think that's the most important thing, but because I want to deal with it quickly in order to then get on with what is essential to me.

The treasure of my vocation lived with love and devotion So far 14 books, over 3,000 publications in print and numerous TV appearances, 12 years of own radio moderation, over 15,000 readings and meanwhile an audience of 50,000 on stage. Training as a mental health practitioner (HPG) 22 years ago and since then also around 100 constellations, trained yoga teacher for 22 years as long as a meditation teacher, astrologer, journalist (BJV) and officially recognized as a prominent ambassador of the S.O.S Children's Villages. In public and for the public Book projects and campaigns with prominent colleagues, including on the Day of German Unity in Kiel and in the presence of the government forces. The speech for which I was ultimately awarded, at the same time awakened my passion as a speaker, with whom I have been successfully traveling the world since 2003. My international clientele is therefore trilingual and very diverse from all areas of life, success and public relations. Heart's home & special places of action Bali, Mallorca, the oceans and, since 2020, Dubai. Every day I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for a passion and calling that I enjoy, fills me with deep joy and (therefore) enables me to live a life in fullness.


"The planet no longer needs successful people. The planet desperately needs peacemakers, healers, innovators, Storytellers and lovers of all kinds. ~ The Dalai Lama


Be authentic and take responsibility towards other people In 2012, when I was very open about the weaknesses and stumbling blocks in my! Life spoke, a well-known speaker colleague caught me backstage. He said that it was against all the rules of good self-marketing if I recognized myself with my own weaknesses. Besides, that would make me unnecessarily vulnerable. I see it completely differently.

Since I "teach" about life, entrust themselves to so many people, I see a great responsibility in it, I too am part of a true life and that includes the eternal cycle of good and challenging times. In reality, however, it does not matter anyway, because your true happiness deep down is inviolable once you have experienced it for yourself. And besides, it's not about WHAT we experience anyway, but HOW we react to it. The impressive beauty of the "silent heroes" In any case, even as a child, I always had a weakness for the "silent heroes" in the TV annual reviews: people who move something for the sake of movement! People who work hard, regardless of the strength of the applause. There is nothing wrong with applause, appreciation and love in the matter itself. It only gets twisted when you become dependent on it and when your deeds and words arise from a fixation and search for "applause / recognition / love in all forms" and not really from YOUR ESSENCE. In most of my readings with clients who are spoiled for success or applause, this is a central theme.

One of the greatest compliments anyone can give me Perhaps this inner model of "the silent heroes" of my childhood was much stronger then than I was consciously aware of. In any case, I still consider it one of the nicest compliments when someone comes up to me and says in surprise: "How did you manage to stay so natural and radiate so much love despite all the success?" Conversely, I ask: "Why shouldn't it be me?" The exterior is a game that we are of course happy to be a part of. Applause, success, awards, celebrities or a person of public interest can and of course be a lot of fun. In no way should we define ourselves or identify with it, because every identification is by its nature a limitation. Because if you are one, you exclude the other and automatically fall out of what is most valuable in the world of polarity: This a precious moment. We are ALL equal! Guest on this planet and we are only too happy to forget that when we lose ourselves to the Maya (illusion) or the attachment (the attachment) of an external success. Natural and closeness to nature For me, naturalness comes from nature and I love to be in nature and in and around the water. And so I'll give you another example that you can feel me better: After the many, many successful cruise stage appearances, the moment on deck 5 at the extreme point to be in silence with the air, the seagulls and the waves was at least as beautiful as the big applause 10 minutes before.

My sensuality I loved our dog Emma very much, just like our Mara now. I love animals and to the amazement of many (but no longer my family and friends :-) I run barefoot in all possible places and places (with them) and I love the wind in my hair. This sensuality and this pleasure, this immense vibrating and pulsating (and in this sense "very young" energy despite 50+) joy in life continues in all areas of my life. I like to eat :-) That is why my daughter Soraya was and is (among countless other things) the best balance and the greatest teacher, through whom I have found a balance and sustainability in my 70% vegan diet and thus also one of the central anchors for my really dazzling health have set. We are all teachers for one another at all times - this also applies to our children I am absolutely convinced that we are all always teachers for one another and accordingly our children are also for us. So I bow full of gratitude to my daughter and in turn recognize - completely independent of everything I have "achieved" in life - the beauty of her wisdom and her heart in my life! For example, that my "Annual Initiation 2021" is made up of 50 schoolgirls who are between 20 and 30 years old, I see full of gratitude as a connection to my eternally young heart, with which I will certainly always remain "wild at heart". This is where my love also flows into I love what I do and I love BEING at the same time. I am generally convinced that our existence here on this earth is always about LOVE. This is how my slogan came about: with love, Rosita.

I love to dance, I love music in general, I love people in themselves and have days when I almost burst with gratitude for the life that has been given to me. :-) On other days it is this unbelievably simple and quiet joy. Whereby we're back to the silent heroes. :-) My definition of success I know from countless personal and unread experiences that you and I are always guided. None of my success steps came because I absolutely wanted to HAVE something, rather I was led straight to it and in the end there were always "surprises" how everything then developed. But then I actually showed a lot of discipline to connect with it. So I actually believe that success is always a mixture of grace and commitment. The devoted and loving "couple dance" of a total alignment between inner and outer intention. Dark and light moments In my most difficult moments I doubt my ability to really let enough love flow into this life or my inner breadth of a sincere acceptance of getting older and older. In my most beautiful moments I am connected to everything and deep down inside me so still and grateful and satisfied that it cannot be put into words. I could tell you so much about myself, but I am sure that you can feel me right up to this point! NOW when the desire has grown in you to experience me live, then we'll see and hear each other soon.

I'm happy for you! Thank you for your valuable time that you have given me at this point now and just now! Fast track to me ... and to Diana and Vanessa in my back office: +49 1511 290 5123 OM YOUR WAY with love, Rosita Do you have any further questions? Feel free to write them to me and I'll include them here.



My Book "High Energy"



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