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BEYOND THE BEYOND - About a life in gratitude & joy

... and there is magic in every beginning :-) But every new beginning is also accompanied by a force. If you are a writer like me or just like to write in your diary, you know about the special "magic of the first page", the magic of a blank, blank sheet of paper. How much tension does the "beginning of something" make you? Or does "beginning" mean for you more expectations, perplexity or the tension of having to deliver something "very special", no matter in which respect? There is so much pressure, so many tricks & traps of our minds or numerous "garbage can beliefs" with which we ultimately separate ourselves from the most precious: This a wonderful and hopefully consciously lived moment! The healing power of a new beginning For me, the "very first page" was magic and beauty even when I was at school. I love sunrises and the "chance of a new beginning". Today I know that this attitude was also one of the most healing forces in the more challenging moments of my life. I've always been guided, but it took me a couple of years to really realize that. My "teachers" (we are all teachers for one another) always corresponded to the respective development point of my spiritual journey into love and awakening into it. Osho, "the path of the white cloud" and my calling "Beyond the Beyond" reached me at the age of 16 in the deepest layers of my being, at that time with the required signature of my parents :-) for all these group experiences. So I would like to thank Osho, my very first "teacher", on the first pages of my new blogs. Just as I thank YOU for giving my lines your time and dedication! Not the secret of my success - but the secret of my natural being behind my success

Very often, when I come off the stage after my appearances as a speaker, the audience ask me why I remained so natural despite my success and how I shine with such great ease, humor and immense gratitude and zest for life? (And yes ... I love walking barefoot :-) even where it may be "not appropriate".) My radiance comes from a gratitude that cannot be expressed in words, towards everything, including the challenging moments in my life, because they were and are my best teachers. Every day I consciously practice my little ritual of gratitude! Is it because of my ascendant Virgo or the heart-wise memory of an astrologer who reminded me at the age of 21 that every queen is also the servant of her country at the same time ...? Nature & Natural

You are a grain of sand as a whole and at the same time great in your very personal beauty - your "unique being". From my understanding, naturalness is derived from nature. Your and all of us nature in the sense of our essence, our natural BEING. In this essence we are all the same and for that reason alone there is no reason to feel "better or more special :-)))) than someone". And I love nature. Each of us is a guest on this earth, each of us takes his "grain of sand place" in the whole. At the same time you are UNIQUE in your very personal place on earth. Who books my coachings? Not knowing your place, this "calling" or having the feeling that something or someone is constantly throwing clubs between your legs is absolutely excruciating. Ultimately, it arises from the illusion of your "separation", which is accompanied, among many other things, by restlessness and restlessness, emptiness, illness, financial problems, deep exhaustion and the "virus of constant dissatisfaction". In the intimate, transforming encounters with my clients, I have been experiencing this day after day for 22 years. How was it? I love the "first blank page", the "beauty of a new beginning"? Yes! And that's exactly how I see - despite thousands of life stories I have heard, yours always fresh and new - as if your longings, wishes, your stumbling, searching and finding were being told for the very first time! I am happy when my lines give you the confidence to take my word for it. I'm happy for you. Have a full day full of joy and gratitude! Thank you for your valuable time that you have given me at this point now and just now! Fast track to me ... and to Diana and Vanessa in my back office: +49 1511 290 5123 OM YOUR WAY with love, Rosita Do you have any further questions? Feel free to write them to me and I'll include them here.





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