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"MAKING OF"...Happinez - The underlying secret

In the Happinez Magazine Edition October 2020 you will find everything about my magical Bali experiences 2020 during the COVID Lock Down. There's a big secret behind this ...

Amazed? Shocked? Knowing? The following will make you astonished or smile, shock or disbelief, shake your head or nod knowingly, depending on your own previous experiences. But regardless of how YOU react ... I experienced it in Bali in February 2020 in the presence of my 23 retreat participants.

Can I actually use my intuitive and media inspiration for myself? Very often I am asked how much my reading skills affect my private life and myself. Couldn't I also "see" a lot in myself?

I always combine that truthfully, because in fact, until that magical Bali experience I never received such a flood of relevant information for myself, but if / then only for you my clients. In the pyramids of CHI, near Ubud on Bali, we had an almost two-hour sound journey with a fantastic guide, artist and musician.

During this experience, I received a flood of pictures, which I immediately shared with my retreat participants and later with Dorothee Teves, editor-in-chief of Happinez.

An all-changing experience with initially frightening images The information received in the power of our group sound journey in February 2020 was as follows: My speaker engagements for AIDA would be canceled for May and spring, for a total of at least 16 months but probably for a very long time after that, my daughter Soraya would find her father critically ill on arrival in Germany, 2 operations would be necessary and despite in extreme distress, everything would turn out fine. I would stay in Bali for at least six months, I wouldn't go back until summer, everything would be "well taken care of" and I would have a "task" in Bali. My journey would end in an "open grave". I also got information about Covid.

Hard to believe All pictures including the received Covid information of unbelievable, shocking scope were in February! 2020 absolutely excluded: I was already firmly booked for my AIDA engagements, Soraya's father was doing absolutely fine, such a long stay in Bali was out of the question, my return flight was dated March due to my performances (half a year was laughable) and a "task" Apart from my retreats, I didn't really have any on-site ... But then everything happened very quickly: The first images of the sound journey applied with full force.

Soraya returned home and her father had to hospital twice with life threatening heart surgeries out of the blue. Already then I felt completely different. A few days later, AIDA canceled the cruises due to the increasing COVID issue, including my 4 May weeks. (All in all we have now arrived at the information "at least 16 months and longer ...", so that also happened although it was unthinkable in February) Since I have been moving in such "worlds of images" for my clients for more than 22 years, they were on the one hand familiar to me and so I decided to take them seriously for myself now. Especially since 2 of the prophecies were already 100 percent correct.

I am fully trusting the prophecies and staying in Bali Even if I couldn't imagine a long-term stay in Bali or "my job" due to work commitments, I actually decided to stay. Simply because the rest of the prophecies had come true and I was finally able to give my trainings and readings online. I was also considering a new book. The day of my decision in March was also one of the strongest earthquake days in Bali in 2020. But my decision was made. Covid in Bali The weeks among the locals flew by and the first distress of the Balinese in the lock began to emerge. That's why I said in a touching facetime call to Soraya that I didn't want any presents for my birthday in April, but a donation from my family members instead. The penultimate prophecy also occurs What I couldn't know: On the night of my birthday, Soraya had put this wish viral and I woke up and in the first slide had around 800 euros in my account and within 3 days 3500 euros and more and more due to my level of awareness. Out of the great responsibility for these sums, I founded EAThelpLOVE without further ado, completely unplanned and surprisingly for myself :-). When the emergency on site got worse and worse in May, I realized: I had now also found my "task"! I only returned to Hamburg at the end of August and the penultimate piece of information: "At least half a year in Bali ..." had also come true. The sad conclusion and the last sound travel information: Sadly, the visions and information from the pyramid of CHI were also fulfilled in the very last picture: After I had German soil under my feet again in mid-August, my mother fell ill and died only a short time later. "... the end of my journey with an open grave ..."

Know the world behind its physical manifestations For you, who are nodding inwardly or laying your hand on your heart in a spontaneous gesture, I have of course also written these lines. But I have especially written it for all of you who are still unsure whether there is a world beyond the scientific, comprehensible and physical-material, a universe "beyond the beyond" ... Of course there are ... Everything, really everything is energy. And you decide every day what you shape from it. Because YOU are THAT. So HAM "Tat Tvam Asi". Everything, really everything in this universe is interconnected. As it is said in the holy Vedas and as the Balinese still learn and teach today. So it makes perfect sense to me that I had this spectacular experience in Bali in the pyramids of CHI - so close to the great custodians of an equally large part of our spiritual heritage. I wish you many wonderful and wonderful experiences behind the world of the physically comprehensible! May you keep the open heart and fresh curiosity of a child! Thank you for your valuable time that you have given me at this point now and just now! OM YOUR WAY with love, Rosita Do you have any further questions? Feel free to write them to me and I'll include them here.




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