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LOVE LETTER FROM BALI - the powerful heart-place & great spirituality

There are many doors for your search for God, the divine power in you, the connectedness of all things and your "coming home". Every door can be equally beautiful and equally destructive ... depending on the posture with which you walk through it. Whether you are a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist (although Buddhism does not want to be understood as a religion), Hindu, Jew or atheist ... whatever leads you into LOVE and CONNECTION with all life and creation is not the problem. The problem is much more us humans and the interpretations and wars that we instigate over different views. Hinduism and the spirituality lived deeply on BALI is therefore NEITHER "the best" NOR the "only way". Because that brings us back to "competition" and the exclusion of all other ways to one and the same bond. All of today's popular knowledge comes from the same one great source. Instead, I want to draw your attention to something else entirely: The knowledge that is popular nowadays, the self-help books, speaker content, instagram posts, coachings & teachings does NOT come from us "teachers", it comes THROUGH us, we are "only" the mouthpiece. But already 3,500 years ago, in the Vedas, then in the Sutras or later in the Bhagavad Gita, all these thoughts that are popular today have already been passed down orally. From this point of view we find the deepest in the sense of the oldest spiritual roots and that is exactly THAT is present everywhere on BALI.

YOGA also comes from the same source The unbelievably great yoga movement (Sanskrit "yui" = union of body and mind) of today has its beginnings in India, but through its various yoga scriptures and the statements contained therein, it is sacred to the 5,000 year old, sacred thought. It is no coincidence that yoga plays such an important role in all aspects of BALI. When I became a yoga teacher 23 years ago, everyone only knew "Hatha Yoga". Nowadays we understand more and more how extensive, holy and everyday supportive the old yoga knowledge is. LIGHT and SHADOW are two sides of one and the same appearance Since we live in a world of polarity, the downsides are ubiquitous on BALI as well: plastic waste, selling out to tourism, animal welfare, devotion to faith, combined with high expenses and compulsory taxes with at the same time existential basic worries and much more. Our mind always believes that it has to make decisions such as one or the other ... in the end it is always about the balance of all things and so light and shadow can and will always go hand in hand. Also on BALI ... LOVE LETTER FROM BALI BALI is and remains, no matter how we twist and turn it, through the lived Hinduism, the cultivation of wisdom that is thousands of years old, the concentrated energy and application of yoga knowledge and, last but not least, the great knowledge of the local Brahmins, a more lively center than ever holy knowledge. BALI, the island of the gods, remains just as irrevocably one of the largest and most sacred places of power in this world, one of the deepest roots (for me the deepest) of our spiritual heritage, a geographical and energetic place of power - also of hearts, devotion, family ties and above all in everyday spirituality.

Together with the spirit of flowers, love, rituals & the way is clear for TAT TVAM ASI, the deep experience: The reconnection with ourselves and with ourselves. The bond with all people, animals, plants and all life. God is within in you. Here is a small selection of the teachings that are so popular today, but which you can already find in the over 3,000 year old traditions: How you do something is more important than what you do Everything is letting go Your self is untouched by everything Be without attachment Where the mind goes energy flows Attention brings reinforcement I AM Mind is above matter Your own thoughts make more noise than anything else around you Everything is connected with everything Not whether you "fall down" is decisive, but how you get up again afterwards. Everything is energy The next time you pass one of these sentences, you can greet them with an inner smile and connect with the fascination that they existed in their oral tradition over 3,000 years ago. VISION QUEST AND A DREAM ENCOUNTER WITH YOURSELF This is one of the reasons why a trip to BALI is always the greatest opportunity for a unique journey to yourself! As Steven Foster writes in his book "Vision Quest": "... people look inside, receive answers, clarity, a vision like a gift, which they take back to their community so that it can continue to exist and flourish and so that life can go on." Your trip to BALI is your grandiose vision quest, something that you will always carry within you, wherever you go. Come with us! We look forward to you ! Thank you for your valuable time that you have given me at this point now and just now!

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with love, Rosita

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My book "High Energy" written in Bali


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