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Dear friends & Clients


This site is under construction just like many other essential areas of my life.


Recently, a very life threatening experience was the culmination of three very challenging years.

Trying to fill the void between my public success and my private life.

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One the one hand, I am so grateful for the fulfilling work and legacy that I built with deep passion and joy:

Over those last years, I published 14 books, did a lot of TV, radio and media work with over 4.000 publications, had the honor of a coaching-impact for more than 20.000 beautiful souls and love my already 20 year lasting work as a motivational speaker. In January 2020 ELLE honoured my spiritual impact as a celebrity therapist & cosmic advisor side by side with Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey. 

But then, in 2020 just within a few months both of my parents passed away as well as my soulmate who guided me for over 20 years.  Trying to see this as part of the life cycle and knowing that death is part of it, I tried to carry on with everything without giving my soul and heart the time to  digest everything. 

In  lockdown year 2020 I lived in Bali, supporting families with more than 400 food packages by my foundation EAThelpLOVE - this kind of giving and receiving nourished my heart and soul deeply . At the same time again it pleased my „helping pattern“ instead of taking good care of me as well.

Arriving 2021 I still kept kind of (social media) withdrawn but the rest of me was convinced of being able continuing with my work „as usual“.

To be honest I didn’t notice the real amount of exhaustion and challenges that all these losses over the last three years caused within me  until  I risked my own health.  Ever since that wake up call I promised myself to take time for me and the recharging of my own batteries. 


After spending almost 30 years by leading you thriving to your wealthiest and happiest potential through understanding all secrets of cosmic wisdom, mental health and wealth I feel there is still so much more BEYOND.

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Since I had to let go of so much already, I asked myself what is really relevant and important to share. 

I came up with 3 key messages that I see as my legacy and would outlast me. You will soon find them here. ​

THANK YOU all  for your love, enthusiasm and your trust in the last decades.

May you feel safe and always precious
May you as a free soul rise to your purpose in ease and happiness
May you always leave traces of (self) love behind you

With love,

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