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You are not the identification with your roles or the outside world.
You are not your attachments either.

You are pure consciousness.
You are both and not either or.
You are ALL-ONE and connected to everything because you are everything.


"The animal you kill NOW is yourself ..."


Everything is connected with everything. How much can you appreciate that?


Just think of a cotton garment. There is so much more to it than the practical use. In it is the story of cotton growing in sun and rain at any point on earth ...


The energy of the person who harvested and processed the cotton ... the story of all the hands that touched it until cotton became clothing.


It also contains your story, which made you find it and maybe even made it your favorite piece.


Hate, destruction and war come from the illusion of difference and when you see yourself as separate from others.


In all things, in all life, there is one essence. The way home is the way inside yourself.


Your true nature is BEING, awareness, bliss

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We are only guests
on this earth.


Every one proclaimed these days
Knowledge comes from the ONE great source.


Thoughts like these come from the Upanishads and Vedanta knowledge almost 3000 years old. In addition, you can take from my own immensely great life experience.

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