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When the sky touches the earth
and the way becomes FREE for the best in you.


Everything is connected with everything.
You are just a small grain of sand in the universe.
At the same time, you are the universe itself.

With your body you are stretched between heaven and earth, and at the same time you also carry the whole of heaven within you.
As above, so below.


Screenshot of the KOSMOS


For 25 years I have been translating your fascinating sky script for you with my great mediality plus XXL life experience. I answer your restlessness as well as longings and wishes with your potential and all your (hidden) possibilities.

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Coming HOME


Everything is energy! Connect with this huge energy field from my more than 15,000 readings. You are "at home" and "arrived" in the middle of the circle. Here is your true perspective on twelve areas of life and the real source of your satisfaction, your happiness.


Hand on the HEART


What is really important to you?

From the unique combination developed by me, you will gain what is really important to you. Be ready for good surprises:
Where the mind goes, energy flows.

You shape the world with your thoughts!

Yoga at Home

The great knowledge of these three READINGS relates to the personality with which you identify yourself. It opens your way to a powerful mindset, security and inner peace - your valuable life compass.

Mama Schrift (3).png

How does it feel to arrive home after a long day full of challenges, take off your shoes and finally let go? Or to be able to BE in the circle of loved ones as you are? Exactly the same quality of bliss applies to your spiritual journey!

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The personality you identify with will tire you out over the years. Because exactly these identifications with their need for security and love at all costs, as well as your exhausting mindset, block the way to your BEING: your radiant, happy, free, loving, successful essence.

From 25 years of love & vocation, I have developed your chance for a breakthrough for you: your master class.

by & with Rosita Leon
The prerequisite is the module "Your Purpose" or equivalent advanced experience.



Du und Deine Geschichte sind einzigartig.
Was immer Dich bewegt und worüber Du endlich Klarheit finden möchtest, ist unterschiedlich komplex.
Damit für mich auch unterschiedlich arbeitsintensiv. 

In einem kostenlosen Zoom Call freue ich mich auf Deine Geschichte und ich zeige Dir alle Deine Möglichkeiten.

Ich freue mich auf Dich.

Hier geht es zur Warteliste und Deinem GRATIS Zoom

with love, Rosita


Are you passionate about advice, support and coaching?
Would you like to connect with a mentor who, in addition to a lush treasure trove of knowledge, is completely absorbed in her love for calling? Who, based on her great life experience and strength , can accompany your long-term, happy, healthy life path through ups and downs - because she has already lived through everything on her path to success?
Welcome to my life
full of gratitude!

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