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For women, men and couples

Every day you give your YES to the world, to your career,
in your family, to your loved ones and so-called goals.

How often is it a NO to yourself?


Experience the great power released when you strip off your roles, identities and no's to yourself.

Courage, the connection to your intuition and your true visions are NOW exposed again. Your life is not a dress rehearsal, it is the performance itself.

OM Your Way!

Clean Food & Clean Mind, empowerment, deep experiences of nature, physical challenges, encounters with healers and brahmins, fascinating changes of perspective, spirit talks & walks
The very personally put together abundance of your equally personal quality time - with me at your side.

VIP coaching are also available in our Retreat Villa Ocean spirit in Dubai.


.. are the major transitions in your life - such as farewell, loss, bankruptcy, illness, burn-out & exhaustion, depression, meaninglessness

... need to slow down, an agreement where "less is more", courage, a patient heart, your reconnection to the essentials

Bali Exklusiv

SELAMAT DATANG! Welcome to my place in Bali

I don't teach here. I empty you. So that you can breathe deeply. I inspire you from the sacred space of silence so that you can find the best in you.

I connect you to the ONE huge energy and force field that has always been there and always will be. This is the only way to find out what you have already known and to be what you have always been looking for.

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