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"We have three things left from paradise:

The stars of the night, the flowers of the day and the eyes of children. "

( Dante Alighieri)

my first children's book: "Katrin and HER journey to the rainbow"

hübsche Karte

As the mother of a daughter, a prominent ambassador for SOS Children's Villages and also with the children of my Bali Foundation, I am connected to the children and the child living in me every day. I consider this a great gift and blessing.
Time is a long river and at the same time the blink of an eye. A total of 25 years lie between my book design and the magical encounter with the illustrator.
Believe in your visions of yourself.

"Katrin and the journey on the rainbow": order now for only € 18.90 including a coloring book  


Currently being translated into English!

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