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For 25 years I have been looking constantly at you, my clients, students and customers as well as EVERYTHING that is really important to you.

For a delicious while of your precious life I will accompany you from the widely ramified roots of my huge life experience, my great success and my devotion to my BEING, the best possible mindset and above all to love.

Successful on-site practice setup or free and happy digital nomad practice & required tools! Networking, media and author work, private classes, speaker training, stage broadcasting & zoom skills! Mindset support & sustainable support for your dream life ...

Are in mentoring YOU in focus and THAT are your advantages


While I am accompanied by so much abundance, success and love in my life, I have always remained a very unconventional, natural woman and free soul at the same time. Every day full of gratitude and joie de vivre - also with a love for light and wind.


My heart's concern is and we will always remain: to be the wind under your wings!


Your inner and outer freedom in the sense of options, your trust resting in you in the course of all things, the achievement of your heart's goals and the possibility of being in love with the people you want to be with are yours truer Wealth, as it embraces inside and outside.



Then you fly all by yourself: in the direction of light and to your happy destination!

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