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WATER is extensively revered in many cultures for its sacred and healing meaning.


WATER is the ritual power that cleanses you from the old and can baptize or prepare you for the new.


WATER supplies, nourishes, clarifies, cleanses, invigorates, (re) vitalises you right down to the cells of your being.


Water is the source of all life and also its guardian: You can only survive without water for 3 days. Responsible! You shouldn't live for a second without healthy water!



The small in the big and the big in the small


At the beginning of your life you consist of 70 percent water, just like our blue planet consists of 70 percent water. So your small organism vibrates in perfect harmony with the large organism Mother Earth. One is a mirror of the other.


The pollution of our planet also tells us about our internal pollution and the bad way we treat ourselves.

A fatal paradox of our time

Food intolerances, flavor enhancers, fillers, sugar, colorings ...

Information about your clean, healthy body and clean food are booming.

But then you "water" 70% of your body and thus your health with lifeless, impure, perhaps even polluted water.

It's as contradictory as washing organic vegetables in water from sun-soaked plastic bottles.

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Because watch out: should your "small" body really be kept meticulously clean, while the large organism pollutes the earth more and more?


Global sustainability & your health


For four years now, Kangen Wasser has been THE conscious and responsible decision for me.


In addition to all the biological, holistic and pragmatic advantages, at 50+ I am so happy about my extraordinary health, my radiant, firm complexion, excellent metabolism and feel-good weight as well as my daily dose of water-clear revitalization.

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Family business


It fills me with great joy and gratitude to be able to walk this great path of the heart together with my daughter Soraya.


Be part of it, come to us, we are really looking forward to seeing you!





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