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NOW is the time of your life!

Seven precious months filled with inspiring
(secret) knowledge, joie de vivre,
Self-knowledge, inspiration, BEING and success.

SEVEN fascinating modules in an extraordinary MIX



12 zodiac archetypes
Huge knowledge
NO future prediction



Generate income

Media work and practical

Construction on site as well

for digital nomads


The eightfold path

Mindful Living

Control of mind,

Thoughts and success


Learn the "true knowledge"

Spirituality and knowledge

Finally BE

Finally arrive

Sunset Yoga

FAMILY Constellation

Systemic (astrological) structure constellation

"Get into" your horoscope

Entanglements, solutions and peace in the heart


(Secret) Knowledge is power
and requires responsibility
„Future“ through the eyes of the holy creator 
Sustainable communication

OM your way

21.2.2023 to 25.4.2023

Zoom, life consultations,
Retreats, Vision Quest

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  I can promise you that because 30 years of dedication to a holistic, cosmic, spiritual way with over 3,000 publications for THE major magazines,  TV and radio have really made holistic & cosmic transformational leadership my calling.  And it is precisely from this wealth of experience that you will be able to draw in 2023.


 You will get THE transformation and THE knowledge that will let you fly and lead to your determination, your calling and your very personal definition of success and happiness in life. 

But you will also come into power in 3 exciting and everything-changing months. No matter whether astrology should become your main or secondary field of consultation.  


  • education are your groundbreaking 3 months, weil you will learn the 12 basic principles/zodiac signs in such a well-founded, creative and versatile way that you will then have the entire basis for a deeper and happy understanding of yourself and the people around you. Because right from the start you learn from your chart and from the charts of 2 other people who are important to you.  

  • initiation are your touching and profound 3 months, because only here you will learn so much more than astrology: family systemic basics, the 1x1 of good coaching, spiritual, holistic and psychological basics (yoga) knowledge, because consultants we have an enormous responsibility and also need a lot of other skills than "just" the stars.  

Your great holistic education & initiation:

  • Supervising Whatsapp group from the time of your registration - this will also include theagreed evening appointments together.

  •  12 x 2 diamond hours zodiac signs & primal principles  live with me in the zoom (evenings on working days for a total of 3 months)  bad5cf58d

  • 12 x shooting stars online modules, each at least 60 minutes depending on the topic

  •  2 x transformation "Sternstunden modules" on weekends" (online) with charming guest trainers (times will also be agreed together)

  • 6 x practice calls a 1 hour (evenings on weekdays)


START 2/21/2023

Time for yours professional selfactivity and independence

Time for what you really care aboutt



** SPECIAL OFFER - We celebrate the Masterclasses 2023! ****


999€ investment instead of 3900€

Until 12.1. as part of the Golden Masterclass 2023

all participants of the Masterclass (already when participating inonly one of the master classes possible) the following on top: 


PLUSMentoring with Rosita 30 minutes

PLUSall 12 masterclasses recordings as one of the teaching materials


VIP Golden STAR ticket

 up to 1.2. bookable, as the number of participants is limited

Personal mentoring during this intensive

transforming time with Rosita 1:1

180 min / 3 hours freely divisible

additional 555€ investment


OM Your Way is a matter close to my heart. In this extraordinary initiation you are live, personally and very close to it - there are no pre-produced videos or general teaching material. That is why I allow myself the choice after a preliminary talk and a limited number of mentees. To our magical and unforgettable time: OM Your Way!

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