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"They want to make you believe that your life moves exclusively on the track between forwards and backwards - between more and even more success and the unpopular standstill or the allegedly fatal" step back ". But everything runs in cycles. Your deep agreement with this universal wisdom and your connection with the beauty of the present moment give you precious satisfaction. "


        For taoists, all things have a rhythm and cycle that suits them. Our task as human beings is now to recognize these cycles, to act in harmony with them and to integrate them into our lives.

( Harry R. Moody - "Crises of Meaning in the Middle of Life")

Rote Blätter

Around 42 you will encounter four great cycles and transitions at the same time, which will be a crucial fork in the road for all of your years thereafter.


  • Your Saturn cycle
    with intensive tests and reviews

  • Your Aquarian cycle
    with the "incorruptible wake-up call"

  • Heralds of your menopause with the great transition
    into a new quality of your femininity

  • Farewell & new beginning


Completely detached from your cultural background, you are challenged by the exhaustive simultaneity of the cycles. Perhaps it will even shake you down to your roots.


The quality of your life counts, not the number of years you have lived.
Whether on stage or in my consultations and groups:
I am grateful for the bonus of my great life experience.

Some tell you about their version of what your journey through the
cycles could be like. I know what your cycles are like because I've already gone through them myself.


I connect you with great joy
again) with:

Your happy version

of yourself,
Your strength,
Your health,
Your self-love
Your trust.


Age does not matter . You can be gorgeous at twenty, charming at forty, and irresistible the rest of your days.
( Coco Chanel)

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