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New guidebook with TRIAS publishers
New developed methods about health, spiritual living, loss and rise of daily energy and mental training. Date of publication: winter 2019

Stunning Horoscope for 2019
The Contributors page honours Rosita Leon side by side with
Ophra Winfrey and Michelle Obama

January 2019 - monthly column in EL AVISO - Newspaper from Mallorca/Spain
All about cruises, monthly horoscope & beauty

Amazing vegan luxurious cosmetics "made in heaven"
Rosita Leon on stage 7.1.2019 in Hamburg, 22.2.2019 in Cologne
and 29.3.2019 at the Beauty Düsseldorf

12 astrological ebooks for a successful & healthy daily life
give a fascinating insight in everything between heaven and earth
Reading Sample please click here

North Cape, Dubai, Singapore & the Maldives
Rosita Leon on vessel stages of AIDAbella
June, October and November 2019