Rosita Leon

Personality - Consultant & Healpreneur


"The best day to be happy is TODAY"

Rosita Leon is one of the most successful Media Astrologer and Healpreneur in Europe ever since 20 years. With her message and beliefs she developed an unique holistic healing method. She is a spiritiual speaker, mental trainer, astrologer, certified healer for psychotherapy, yoga/mediation teacher and author.
Her knowledge, highly sensitive medial talent and her life experience from over 12.000 coachings, make her to this extraordinary consultant that she is today. Additionally she is able to carry out her job in 3 languages which makes it accessible to clients from all over the world.

Rosita Leon fascinates and enchants her 50.000 people audience with signature stage programs like 'Momentum' and 'Flightmode - Time for joy and essentials' since 2010.

Her impressive and inspiring performances on famous German cruise ships made her encircle the world already twice considering the km.

In her life, she already achieved many milestones. Besides the long time she lived in Asia and different cultures, she walked the path of St. James and also had the great honor to meet significant and awesome teachers like the Dalai Lama.

Furthermore, Rosita Leon got honored in 2007 with the title 'prominent ambassador of the S.O.S children villages'. With her dedication and commitment she accompanies the German DKMS, IFAW and the Lions Club Palma de Mallorca, the island that she is so closely connected for over 20 years now.